2022 Style DC LED Floodlights

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  • 24W LED Floodlight 12-24v DC
    450mm(H) x 360mm(W) x 75mm(D) (Includes mounting bracket) Flood only: 400mm(H) x 340mm(W) x 75mm(D)     ..
    Ex Tax: €95.00 €116.85
  • 48W LED Floodlight 12-24v DC
    330mm(H) x 243mm(W) x 55mm(D) (Includes mounting bracket) Flood only: 290mm(H) x 225mm(W) x 55mm(D)   ..
    Ex Tax: €160.00 €196.80
  • 100W LED Floodlight 12-24v DC
    2022 style multi chip floodlights with bright white lights that are easy to work under.  Our lights do not affect 99% of UHF / VHF / AIS signals. Main features: System efficiency up to 130 lm/Watt. Lumileds / Cree LED chips. Manufactured of the highest quality materials to increase r..
    Ex Tax: €295.00 €362.85