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  • Dychem "Elbow Grease" Cleaner
    Dychem's original Elbow Grease Industrial cleaning product, a water soluble solvent detergent for industrial use all round cleaning. ..
    Ex Tax: €48.78 €60.00
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  • Dychem "Good Stuff" Cleaner
    Specially formulated biodgradable product which produces a tough water based degreaser, cleaning product for all hard surfaces. High foam, high alkali cleaner tackles the toughest of grime and is easily rinsed clean. Also suitable for use in high pressure washers for cleaning surfaces such as UPVC s..
    Ex Tax: €52.85 €65.00
  • Dychem Bilge Cleaner 5 Litre
    Viscose bilge cleaner. ..
    Ex Tax: €52.85 €65.00
  • Dychem Shipmate Pelagic Tank Cleaner Fleetcare
    Fleetcare alkaline cleaner. ..
    Ex Tax: €52.85 €65.00
  • Super Limate Rust Remover
    Super strength descaling cleaner / rust remover. Super Limate is an inhibited acid based product which removes corrosion and mineral deposits from a wide variety of surfaces ..
    Ex Tax: €56.91 €70.00
  • Dychem Citracleaner Citrus Degreaser
    Citracleaner Citrus based Degreaser   Powerful degreaser based on citric solvent for the removal of heavy grease and soiling. ..
    Ex Tax: €50.00 €61.50
  • Dychem Spray Bottle
    Sprayer and bottle combination lets you accurately dispense cleaning liquids directly to soiled surfaces. Trigger features finger grooves for comfortable use. Translucent design lets you see inside for quick reference to remaining level of contained liquid. ..
    Ex Tax: €2.03 €2.50
  • Liquid Drain Rod | 1L
    This powerful solution clears drains by dissolving organic materials, destroying bacteria, fungi and algae. ..
    Ex Tax: €20.33 €25.00