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  • Bahco 3PC Adjustable Wrench Pack
    The Bahco ADJ3 is 3 piece 80 series adjustable wrench set. The Bahco Series 80 Adjustable Wrenches have a phosphate finish with tapered jaws and a measurement scale on the fixed jaw. They have a 16º head angle with no protruding shank when fully open and a strong I section handle with a spring loade..
    Ex Tax: €39.02 €47.99
  • Boat Buddy Bilge Cleaner Deodouriser 1L
    Concentrated Citrus Cleaner for all interior use Breaks down and dissolves oil, grease, diesel and general unwanted bilge  contents. Cleans engine bays, lockers, galleys and heads. Deodourises and leaves pleasant citrus fragrance Self cleans with the motion of the boat if left in th..
    Ex Tax: €17.07 €21.00
  • Boat Buddy Marine Surface Protector 1L
    Synthetic Wax for full, all-over protection Using the latest nano technology, seals & protects surfaces against further staining. Contains “Montan” for a superior finish than conventional waxing, no back breaking muscle aching buffing. Lasts up to 5 times longer than conventional wax. Polish..
    Ex Tax: €21.95 €27.00
  • Boat Buddy Premium Boat Polish w/ Wax 1L
    Polish and Wax to restore and protect dull faded Gelcoat and Paint Using the latest nanotechnology restores colour, gloss and lustre to dull faded fibreglass and painted surfaces. Removes light/medium oxidisation Contains “Montan” for a superior finish, sealing and protecting against further st..
    Ex Tax: €26.45 €32.53
  • Boat Buddy Wash and Seal 1L
    Concentrated general Boat Wash containing liquid wax Cleans and protects between full valets. Non streaking formula Contains liquid sealer to protect the surface Repels water and dirt effortlessly Will not remove protective wax coating on surfaces Highly concentrated, 1 litre of prod..
    Ex Tax: €17.89 €22.00
  • Donegal Killybegs & Burtonport Tide Tables 2022
    The new edition of the Donegal Killybegs & Burtonport Tide Tables has just been published and is a must-have for all seafarers and those whose lives and property are affected by the sea and tide. In addition to tidal predictions, the booklet also provides details for phases of the moon a..
    Ex Tax: €2.44 €3.00
  • Faithful LED Task Light
    The Faithfull LED Task Light has a highly efficient, glare free 20 Watt SMD LED light that has a 2,000 Lumen output. Mounted in a heavy duty, impact resistant waterproof case rated to IP44/54. The mirror backed reflector improves the light output and beam spread of the worklight, which also ha..
    Ex Tax: €48.78 €60.00
  • Faithfull 10 Metre Cable Reel 230V 13A
    Faithfull Semi Enclosed Cable Reel with a thermal overload protection system to prevent overheating damaging the cable when in use. The reel has 4 shuttered sockets with a maximum load of 13A (3,120W) fully unwound and 4A (1000W) wound, and is manufactured in accordance to BS61242. The semi enclosed..
    Ex Tax: €15.44 €18.99
  • Faithfull 20 Metre Cable Reel 230V 13A
    This Faithfull robust Cable Reel features a thermal overload protection system to prevent damage to the cable from overheating. It has 4 shuttered sockets with a maximum load of 13A (3,120W) when fully unwound, and 4A (1,000W) when wound. The cable reel is suitable for providing electrical power ..
    Ex Tax: €21.94 €26.99
  • Faithfull Box Section Spirit Level Set
    Faithfull Box Section Spirit Levels are ideal for both DIY and professional use. Manufactured from aluminium extrusion with a resilient powder-coated finish. The bottom face is milled for high flatness. Each level is fitted with 3 solid vials, 2 plumb and 1 horizontal, which have a measurement accur..
    Ex Tax: €24.38 €29.99
  • Irwin Marples 8 Piece Splitproof Bevel Edge Chisel
    The Irwin Splitproof Set of 8 chisels are a good set of tools made for carpenters, builders and craftsmen. They can also be used by home DIY user. The chisels are chosen because of their good quality of blades and handles. The handles are created with a specifically formulated acetate, which allows ..
    Ex Tax: €69.11 €85.00
  • Stanley Hi-Viz Tylon Tape
    The Stanley Hi-Viz Tylon™ Tape has a corrosion-resistant, long-life Tylon™ coated blade with both metric and imperial graduations. Fitted with a Tru-zero hook and positive blade lock for accurate measurements. It has the reliable and easy-to-use features professionals and DIYers depend on for accura..
    Ex Tax: €4.06 €4.99