Tuna Gear

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  • 16" Tuna Muppets | 5 Pack
    Use with a fish bait such as a mackerel to make a simple, effective trolling lure. These muppets are available in 16" and in a selection of 7 exciting colours, some have luminous eyes. Great value and a sure way to add visual attraction to your bait whether trolled or static. Make your bait stand ou..
    Ex Tax: €26.42 €32.50
  • Tuna Bird
    The Tuna Bird is the perfect-sized bird for your tuna spread. 5 inches of ruckus will add to the commotion that brings tuna up to a feeding frenzy. The Tuna Bird has a whole drilled through the entire bird for easy rigging. Troll the Tuna Bird either on a Bar, in a Daisy Chain or in front of your fa..
    Ex Tax: €12.20 €15.00